21 February

Sakar – the origin of the serif


“Another theory is that serifs were devised to neaten the ends of lines as they were chiseled into stone.”

Despite the popular opinion the most important thing in the seriffed/text typefaces are not the serifs themselves. The most important thing is the proportion of the characters which is true not only for the serif typefaces but for all of them. This is why we’ve been focused on the proportions and the color of Sakar and not so much on details like the form of the serif.

We’re ready with the proportions and the overall spacing (I know I will be sorry for this) so now we’re looking at the serif. In the current version of Sakar we have symmertrical wedged shaped serifs but after some extensive serif sketching, the asymmetrical slightly wedged serifs looks like a more logical decision in the case of a text typeface. I feel like those angled endings of the serifs would help the flow of text – pointing you in the right direction.


The possibilities are endless, so now we need to weigh the pros and cons of quite a lot  variations.


Here are just some of the serif types we’re discussing, so lets see what we will come up with in the following week. Stay tuned!


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