Corsa Grotesk

Corsa Grotesk

Corsa Grotesk is a contemporary neo grotesk type family inspired by the all time classics – Futura and Avenir. If Avenir is a more human version of the geometric style, Corsa Grotesk stays in the middle between the Geometric and Grotesque aesthetic blending the best from the both worlds.

Just like its predecessors Corsa Grotesk takes the circle as a basis for its design while featuring ‘modern’ details like the single story ‘a’ and the horizontal barred ‘k’. It was designed with geometric simplicity in mind with well balanced and optically corrected horizontal and vertical strokes, rather generous proportions and large x-height.

The Corsa Grotesk family comes in ten weights, from Hairline to Black plus their matching italics making it perfect for both Display and Text settings. It’s great choice for user interfaces, branding, advertising or any other text that needs a modern yet familiar look.

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Latin + Cyrillic - 20 fonts

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