Centrale Sans Pro

Centrale Sans Pro

We have finally finished our work on Centrale Sans. A lot of mistakes have been made, and we hope a lot of them have been fixed. But finally we are ready to end this five-year journey and present you the typeface as we have always intended it to be. A humanist design typeface incorporating elements from the more rationally constructed grotesque typefaces. Its characteristics are relatively large x-height and open apertures.

The overall effect suggests approachability without the sentimentality carried by some of the more authentic humanist designs – contemporary and precise. Centrale Sans Pro comes with both Cyrillic and Latin support. Nine weights plus their matching italics to create the sturdy workhorse suitable for all your design needs.

Currently you can purchase Centrale Sans (without the Pro) as a stand alone Latin-only font family for much lower price. We’re planning to release a Cyrillic-only version with only basic Latin support in order to stimulate the Cyrillic markets.

Centrale Sans Pro comes with a lot of OpenType features like small caps, tabular figures, fractions, a lot of stylistic alternatives plus many more. You can find extended information about the included OpenType features and how to use them in the PDF provided with the font files.

There are four display weights which were exclusively made for headline use. Selecting a well working display type might be challenging so Centrale Sans Inline will come in handy when looking for a good headline companion for Centrale Sans.


Purchase Options

Centrale Sans Pro 299USD

Latin + Cyrillic - 18 fonts

Centrale Sans 249USD

Latin only - 18 fonts

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