Centrale Sans Condensed

Centrale Sans Condensed Pro

Here comes the updated Pro version of Centrale Sans Condensed – not just a “squished” version of the normal Centrale Sans but designed from scratch with all the family characteristics in mind – combination of the grotesque and the humanist models, open apertures and large x-height. It looks a bit friendlier than Centrale Sans because of its closer relation to the humanist model.

Being 15% narrower, it is a precious space-saving tool in those cases you need your text tight but still readable – dictionaries, maps, etc. It comes in nine weights from Hairline to Extra Bold, giving you a wide range of uses – the thins and the extra bold for display, and the light, book and medium for text.

The Pro version comes with Cyrillic support for Russian, Belarusian, Serbian, Macedonian, Ukrainian and Bulgarian, covering the needs of more than 200 million Cyrillic users. Bulgarian localisation is included as an OpenType feature.

Including an arsenal of OpenType features like small caps, tabular lining figures, arrows, stylistic sets, a bunch of different numerals and more than 900 glyphs. Centrale Sans Condensed is the workhorse that will do its job no matter if it’s crumpled or used as a display typeface.


Purchase Options

Centrale Sans Condensed Pro 299USD

Latin + Cyrillic - 18 fonts

Centrale Sans Condensed 249USD

Latin only - 18 fonts

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