The Lexis font family is a sans serif “super” family consisting of two sub-families – Lexis & Lexis Alt. While the first one follows the humanist model, its alternative version Lexis Alt dives way deeper into the geometric aesthetic. It’s simple yet versatile, packing great amount of well balanced weights, extensive character set and numerous Opentype features. The Lexis typefamily comes in 9 weights plus their italics, two distinctive styles and support for over 200 languages.


Lexis & Lexis Alt Both sub families are sharing the same basic characteristics as x-height, proportions and weight distribution. With the Lexis font family we tried to explore the classical broad nib construction with its smooth connections and slanted terminals while with the alternative font style – Lexis Alt we went full speed mechanical with its vertical terminals, pointing apexes and geometric constructions.


Weight Distribution The design encompasses 10 carefully crafted weights plus their italic counterparts thus providing enough expression a modern typeface needs – from the elegant and stylish light weights, the text-ready Regular and Medium weights to the sturdy and shouting Bold, Extra Bold and Black.


Numerals Lexis is packed with wide arrange of numerals – from the mandatory lining and oldstyle figures to their tabular companions, numerators, denumerators, subscript and superscript, circled numerals and of course – fractions!


Lexis is a versatile type family in two sub families, each one of them suitable for different tasks, would it be the friendlier and softer Lexis or the sturdy and practical Lexis Alt – they are packed with flavour and functionality. Currently available at 80% OFF Introductory Offer – the Complete Lexis Family is a steal with its 36 fonts for 49$ so don’t hesitate and buy it now!


Lexis Complete 249USD

Latin + Cyrillic - 36 fonts

Lexis Family 199USD

Latin + Cyrillic - 36 fonts

Lexis Alt Family 199USD

Latin + Cyrillic - 36 fonts

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