Some Updates from Typedepot

Although it’s already february it is not that late for new years resolutions. So here they are – all the projects we are working on right now and we hope we finish in 2013.

The first one (which is almost ready)  is the updated Corki typeface. We didn’t only add lowercase letters but also refined Corki to look even better. You will find it filled with new ribbons, seals, arrows and this great looking revolver to spice up your designs.



We are very excited with the next one – Centrale Sans Rounded. We think it will be great addition to the Centrale Sans family, adding even more friendlier option. The roman is almost ready with just some optical corrections left to be made, then we’ll be ready to start with the italics. Centrale Sans Rounded will come in five weights plus their matching italics.



And, here comes the next one, it’s something that we wanted to make for quite a long time and we finally have the time for it. It is officially on its way – Centrale Sans Cyrillic! For the time being we have drawn Bulgarian and Russian localizations, but probably we will add some more. The Cyrillic version will come in 9 weights plus their matching italics.



Matilde – It became quite popular for wedding invitations and postcards. The problem with it is that we designed it almost three years ago and it looks like shit. Thats why we started a redesign, from scratch. These are the first steps so it may take a while for the final release. Here you can see comparison of the old and the new designs.



This is a typeface we started digitising just a week ago. It is our first high contrast Didone typeface inspired by a specimen page I found of Quirinus – typeface designed by Alessandro Butti in 1939. For the time being we are planning to release this as a free font as it’s revival of existing design.



The last one is very special for us.It is the very first text face we’re working on, anyone who is just a little bit into type design knows how difficult it is to draw a text typeface, so we are not in a hurry with this one. We’ve planned two weights – regular and bold plus their matching italics.



All this stuff is work in progress, well probably except Corki, but all the other projects are actually quite far from finished. This is just a proof we’re not lazy as it may seem. As all these designs are still very far from finished we would love to hear any suggestions or critique you have!


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  1. ish says:

    I absolutely love your work. I font of choice is Corki and now that the full set is available, it’s on. Thank you and keep up the good work!

  2. ish says:

    I also like the Matilde v2 better. It’s not too tall and less circularly styled, modern but keeping its original feel.

  3. Thanks for free type. Your type´s are very nise and cool at the same time!
    Best Regards

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