The Release of Banda and what’s to come…

Banda is released! We’ve spent the last 6 months working on this typeface, ok not only on it, but most of our workdays were spent developing Banda as the typeface you see now. As we’ve stated in the pdf specimen that comes with Banda – we’ve learnt a lot! This is probably our best developed font since we started typedepot – it comes with true italic, it’s better hinted and the overall glyph designs are drawn with a lot more precision.

We made a lot of changes trough the designing process, if you take a look at the first sketches you’ll see that  the shapes has evolved a lot. One of the interesting facts around Banda is that we delayed the launch day several times because of some crucial changes in the design. But finally we made it – we were satisfied with the overall look – both geometric and whimsical. We believe that  we’ve done a good job and designed a typeface which can serve you well.

Now I want to show you the typeface on which we’re working on now – Banda Sans & Piron Pro, as you’ve guessed the both typefaces are extensions to the already existing typefaces Banda & Piron. So here are the drafts, tell us what you think!


3 Responses to “The Release of Banda and what’s to come…”

  1. Katharine says:

    I absolutely love it!

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  3. Anika says:

    Love them!!

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