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These Terms & conditions are expressly accepted without reserves, by the visitor of typofonderie.com who admits having a perfect knowledge of the said Terms and Conditions, while proceeding to any order on the website, especially special conditions like signing an End User License Agreement when buying Fonts software(s) license(s). The End User is bound by the said Terms and Conditions and any condition not corresponding to the Terms and Conditions set to this term can not be accepted by Typofonderie

These Terms & conditions are subject to be modified at any time and without notice, knowing that the conditions applied on typofonderie.com are those at the date of the order. All other terms of sale produced by the visitor of typofonderie.com will have no legal value and can not engage the responsibility and/or liability of typofonderie.com neither Typofonderie. The access to typofonderie.com’s visitor area and / or user area whatever the service, the typofonderie.com’ visit tacitly implies that the visitor of typofonderie.com accepts the Typofonderie Terms & conditions.

Any online and offline offer highlighted by Typofonderie is reserved to professionals (companies, governments, professionals, institutions, craftsmen, tradesmen, associations) anywhere in the world.
The visitor of typofonderie.com is informed that the Terms & conditions do not require a handwritten signature to be accepted and that the validation of his order product online binds him.

Typofonderie.com is liable towards its visitors concerning the proper performance of executions under the contract, either these obligations being performed by itself or by other service providers, without prejudice to its right to appeal against them.

However, typofonderie.com may be exempted from all or part of its liability by demonstrating that the non-performance or improper performance of the obligations contained in the contract(s) is attributable either to typofonderie.com’s visitor(s) or to the unforeseeable and unavoidable events or causes, a third party unconnected with the provision of benefits under the contract, or a case of « force majeure » or events such as lockout, strike, work stoppage or partial in the factory of the seller or its suppliers, epidemics, war, requisition, fire, flood, interruption or delay in transportation, legal or administrative measures preventing, restricting, delaying or prohibiting the manufacture or goods importation, the seller is relieved of all responsibility for delivery. Typofonderie.com keeps its visitor informed in a timely manner, of such cases and events, as listed above. In all cases, the timely delivery can only occur if the buyer has met its obligations to typofonderie.com whatever the cause.

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