Introducing Banda


it’s been a while since you got some news around typedepot. But a lot of things are happening, we’re here and we are already working on our beloved typefaces.

Introducing Banda® which will come in 7 weights – ultra thin, thin, extra light, light, regular, medium and bold – with their matching italics. And at least one free weight.

We are far from finish, as a lot of kerning work and fine tuning are coming, but we couldn’t resist sharing it with you. So, any thoughts?

13 Responses to “Introducing Banda”

  1. Victor says:

    Looks good so far, perhaps some close-ups? It would be nice to see some details! Not quite sure about the lowercase “g” though, anyway I’m interested in the font when finished!

  2. nikhil says:

    agree with the comment above. lowercase g requires lot of work. apart from that i can see spacing issues, but as you said that is still in the process.
    i also feel that i lowercase e is bit lobsided. maybe you could look into that as well.
    but it has an intersting form. only wonder how it will work in smaller sizes since your serif thingy is very subtle.

  3. Scott says:

    I’m in agreement with the 2 commenters above.

    Looks nice, shows potential, but the lower case “g” and “e” look a little bit off.

    Other than that, and the spacing issues already mentioned, it looks like a nice font.

  4. It looks nice indeed, the g and e can use some finetuning. Overall a great font as usual I think! Really curious about the final result.

  5. Excellent typeface ! Need bit improvement in letter “E”.

  6. Yaco Roca says:

    So, I agree with most above:

    “e”, “g”, kerning (as you yourselves stated), I would add “c”, and I think the subtle serif is part of this font’s appeal, though it might look strange or blurry n small sizes, but that one is up to use and the font’s intended uses & limitations.

    I really like the last weight (Ultra thin?)

  7. Asim Zeeshan says:

    Looks nice. When is it releasing?

  8. Alexander says:

    Thank you all for the comments and the remarks, it’s very useful for us as we’re constantly looking at this typeface and probably we cannot see some of the issues.

    Regarding the lc “g” & “e” we’ll make sure that they are corrected and fine tuned. As for the kerning – the most time consuming part of the process – it is still in a very early development so it will be improved as well.

    @Asim we cannot tell for sure, but as soon as we are pleased with it, as well as all of you, the font will be released

    Once again thank you and we will try to keep you updated with the work in progress

  9. The slight curves at the ends of the verticals and slants give the font design a simple yet elegant look.

    Is it possible to have options for letters ‘a’, ‘g’ and ‘y’? Some font designs provide such options.

    This is turning out okay. Keep up the good work!

  10. Alexander says:

    @Olusola Akinseye we’ve already implemented alternative versions for the a,g and 4 different ampersands :) hope you’ll like it

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