Glide – revision

I’m pleased to announce that our new font is finished and its already sent to our distributors Myfonts & Fontspring. Despite the usual hesitation around such new release, we started working on a new project almost immediately.  And it’s the revision of our first typeface – Glide.

As we’re in type design for almost 2 years now, we’re constantly noticing mistakes and totally bad ideas in our previous releases, that’s why our mission for the next few months is to revision and “fix” them (whilst developing our new ideas of course).

Glide revision is still in very early development so any comment, feedback or idea is more than welcome.

Glide Uppercase

As you can see, the spirit and the overall letterform design is not changed. The changes in the uppercase are in the arms of ‘C’,'E’,'F’,'G’,'T’,'Y’ and the complete redesign of the ‘S’ and ‘Z’ glyphs, which in the previous version of Glide were not that legible.

Glide Lowercase

As for the lowercase, the changes are a bit more. Despite the ‘s’ and ‘z’ letterforms and the ears of ‘c’,'e’,'g’ and ‘y’, we’ve changed the one-story ‘a’ to double-story one. For some unknown reasons the ‘f’ glyph in the first version of Glide was reaching for the descender instead the ascender – now fixed!

We’re now focused on the Cyrillic letterforms, punctuation and numerals, but we are still far from finished.

As I said any feedback and ideas are welcome!

2 Responses to “Glide – revision”

  1. juan says:

    Very well thought. I think almost all your changes are very good, except for the ‘S’s. I think your original ‘S’s are better, more coherent with the other glyphs. As for the ‘f’, I see your point, but i’m not sure the result is better than the original.

  2. Jose Manuel says:

    hello, hola

    Me encanta esta type, la he utilizado para la imagen de mi propio estudio, menos mal que he hecho pocas cosas, de momento, pero creo que los cambios son buenos y le dan mas personalidad.

    un saludo

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