Centrale Sans Update

It’s almost a month since we released our last typeface – Centrale Sans, and we just released an update. A lot of you might ask why, First we’ve received a tip from Maciej Urbanek who told us that the ogonek and the cedilla diacritics were a little bit off and they occurred too thick in the thin weights and too thin in the bolder weights.

If I have to be honest at first I was quite skeptical about that but later on after some short research I’ve found that he’s actually more than right, so OK – point taken! So here is the first fix that’s coming up with the 1.1 update of Centrale Sans.

The second one was provoked by a Florain Hardwig’s tweet which I noticed soon after the release of Centrale Sans – “The diaeresis needs to be visually centered. Like Futura Not like Centrale Sans” with links to the single-story ä of both Futura and Centrale Sans.

So once again we made our research and found out that not only the dieresis, but a lot of other diacritics were not positioned well. So we’ve made everything possible to fix these issues as soon as possible, and here is the fixed ä.

We are self-taught type enthusiasts and yes we make mistakes, but before everything we are willing to fix them. The most difficult thing was to start noticing these mistakes. So thanks to the comments of Maciej and Florian who pointed out probably very small part of the issues, we not only learned something new, but also all our customers will receive a better looking and better working typeface.

There are people who instead of fixing their past mistakes, decides to move on and create another, new typeface or product. We think the opposite, we want to fix every bug or issue we find. That’s why we’ve updated Centrale Sans, that’s why pretty soon we’ll release an update of Glide and that’s why we’re revisiting all of our fonts.

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